An Artist's  Journal

Doodles with Inktense Pencils

Doodles 1

As you know from previous blog posts I'm planning on doing some art journaling during the winter months, with no idea where this will lead. Yesterday I decided to start with a doodling project. There are some great ideas for this on a new social website called Pinterest. I brought out my Inktense pencils. A friend of mine introduced these pencils to me a few years ago. I like them better than any colored pencils I have but I don't use them in my daily work. I chose 3 colors and started drawing shapes. You can see the color is very weak. Next, I brushed on a small amount of water. WOW. You can see how the color pops. Next I started doodling with a Sharpie ultra fine point pen. This is great fun. Do whatever you want.  

So there you are, 1 piece of watercolor paper, 3 pencils, a small container of water and a brush, and a Sharpie are all you need to make

 some art. Great idea if you're confined for some reason. You can do this from your armchair. Something like this could make a good journal cover.

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Happy Holidays

Scarborough Marsh 9, pastel

Sunrise on Casco Bay, pastel

Today I'm posting a couple of my paintings that were sold before the holidays. Since they were purchased as gifts I didn't want to ruin the surprise by posting too soon. The gift givers went to great lengths to keep the purchases a secret. Yesterday I enjoyed thinking about how surprised the recipients would be when they opened these gifts. It's nice to think you have made a contribution to someone's holiday and I'm happy that these paintings have found nice new homes. Both of these paintings were purchased at my one person show at Borealis Bistro on Ocean Ave in Portland, Maine. The show is there for another week so you still have a chance to stop by and see the paintings. The holiday shows are going to be up for several more weeks at Yarmouth Frame Shop and Gallery and at the Damariscotta River Grill. More chances to see some paintings.

You may have noticed that I've changed the title on this blog to "An Artist's Journal". Circumstances have developed that indicate I'm not going to be doing much plein air painting this winter so I will change the focus of the blog to art journaling. I have no idea where this will

lead but I hope it will prove to be an interesting endeavor. It will be a challenge for me at any rate and hopefully a lot of fun.

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Damariscotta River Grill Holiday Show

First Snow, 8x10, pastel. Now at the Damariscotta River Grill

Today I delivered 8 paintings to the Damariscotta River Grill for their Holiday Art Show. This is a group show featuring 12 fabulous artists, names are on the placard above. "First Snow" is one of the paintings I have included. The paintings, jewelry and pottery are all priced for Holiday giving. The artist reception is ThursdayDec 15, 4-6. Not to be missed. Chef Rick will feature his incredible Bouche de Noel along with other tasty treats. The Grill has become well known for putting on great receptions. I'm looking forward to seeing many of my friends in the Damariscotta area.

I had to drop out of the Facebook challenge due to a very persistent virus which is why there haven't been any posts past day 4. If you are on Facebook I hope you are still following the challenge as many friends are creating some wonderful paintings.

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Facebook Challenge day 4

Gilsland Farm, late fall 2

I'm sure having trouble keeping up with this daily challenge, especially the posting. Here is the painting I did on day 4, another watercolor from Gilsland Farm. It's easy for me to get there to paint and I love going there. I will use these watercolor sketches to begin a series of oil paintings which is planned for January.

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Gilsland Farm Audubon Preserve

Gilsland Farm, late fall 1, 4x6, watercolor

Day 3 of the Facebook December art challenge. I really needed a challenge to get back to work after 2 months of traveling and no painting. I had intended to paint along the way, but it never happened. So Dec 1 I issued a challenge on Facebook - 20 paintings before the holidays. 17 artists joined in - and I'm back to painting. Today I went over to Gilsland Audbon Farm where, as you know, I often paint, especially if I'm short on time. Who could believe, a bright sunny day on December 3 in Maine. This certainly doesn't look like a winter painting!!!  We've had wonderful sunny days and with the sun so low in the sky the colors of the landscape here this week have been very special. Golds and purples instead of the usual December gray. A real gift from mother nature to get me back to the landscape. I knew this was going to be a purple painting before I even got to the farm.  When I issued the challenge I expected to be painting veggie squares in the studio. Well, that will come soon enough I'm sure. Right now I want to enjoy these beautiful days.

You can see the Day 1 painting that I did at Pemaquid if you go to the Portfolio page (over on the left) and then choose the watercolors option. You'll also see this painting there. I started a veggie square on Day 2 but it is not ready to post yet. A little short on time - lots of art openings to attend this week. These small watercolors make great holiday gifts and are available on my website or in my studio.

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