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Mt Washington

First Snow, Mt Washington, 2010

The view of Mt Washington from Portland, Maine today was extraordinary. I drove around taking photos. Some of them aren't very clear, Mt Washington is 100 miles from Portland. The mountain sure looked magestic. I used photo shop to enhance this image. I hope you can see it on your computer. I'll try again tomorrow if the view is good.

The painting of Mt Washington at the top of the page was painted a year ago. A little closer vantage point.

After the photo shoot we went to paint out on Back Bay in Portland. I took my first shot at painting Munjoy Hill. It's going to take awhile to get it right. Here is a photo of my friend painting outside. I, of course, was still in the car. It's still cold here.

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Another Gilsland Painting

Gilsland Winter 4, watercolor, 4"x5"

Thursday I had a chance to stop by Gilsland Farm before I went to the studio. Here's another watercolor sketch painted from the car. Although Thursday eventually turned into a warm day it was still cold over there at 9 in the morning. This sketch is painted on a handmade watercolor paper that I purchased a few years ago. I love working on it and I love the deckle edge, so I drove to Damariscotta just to get some more. Much to my chagrin I found out that this paper is no longer being made. I was able to purchase the last package of 5 that the store had. I bought some other brands to try but they are larger than these 4x5 pieces, still have the deckle edges though. I'll try them out this week and we'll see how they work out. I am posting the watercolor sketches on the website portfolio pages, link is over on the left. You can also see the sketches at my studio in Portland. They are very reasonably priced.

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Wolfe Neck Winter 1

Wolfe Neck Winter 1, watercolor, 4x6

This has been such a busy week I've fallen behind on my posting. On Wednesday I went to Wolfe Neck Farm with my friends to paint. The weather forecast was for warming up. It didn't warm up much though so I still painted in the car. The others were more brave and painted at their easels. The view from the bridge at Wolfe Neck Farm is so fabulous it's hard to capture it in paint. Being there has a very special feeling that's difficult to describe. Very serene on a cold winter day.

I've been enjoying making these little watercolor sketches. The medium adapts itself very well to painting from the car. I've painted at the bridge many times but never in winter before. The sketches are posted on the portfolio page and are very reasonably priced if you're interested in adding one of these to your art collection.

Here's the view at Wolfe Neck. Isn't it grand?? The sky was especially beautiful on Wednesday. I tried to capture that in the painting.

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Gilsland (Audubon) Farm

Gilsland Winter 3

Yesterday I had another chance to stop by the Gilsland meadow and make a watercolor sketch on my way to the studio. I am very lucky to live so close to this wonderful facility. This time I was the only painter but there were a large group of young mothers and their very young babies out snow shoeing. So cute. The meadow is a popular place. Below is a picture of one of the wonderful scuptures that populate the meadow. Isn't he grand??  These animal sculptures keep an eye out for what is going on in the meadow.

This watercolor is very tiny, 4x5. I've painted the meadow for several years in various seasons. Now I've decided to do a year long series of these watercolor sketches so you can see all the changes that take place on the meadow over the course of a year. I'll post them all on the website.  I'll also make some larger studio oils from the sketches. Guess that will keep me busy. 

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Yeah for Plein Air

Gilsland Winter 2

WOW. I finally got out to paint today. A couple of friends and I went to Audubon's Gilsland Farm in Falmouth where there is a wonderful meadow. The meadow was busy with a skiing class underway and 3 of us painting. One of my friends actually set up in the snow field and painted with her snow shoes on. Another sketched, also outside. I stayed in my car and painted a couple of watercolors. I don't work in watercolor very often but I really enjoyed painting these pieces. It was so great to be painting outside again that I really got into it. The temp was 25 degrees, but the sun was partially out and we stayed comfortable for about an hour and a half.  I guess we'll just ignore the fact now that it's still a crazy winter here and go out whenever it is not snowing. We're learning to cope.

 Gilsland Winter 1

 Skiers in the Gilsland Meadow

My friend painting with her snow shoes on. She decided she needs to get snow shoes for the easel too.

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