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More California Paintings

Santa Margarita Hills, 4x6, watercolor

When my grandchildren were younger they used to play in a beautiful playground in the Santa Margarita Hills in Terra Linda, California. On my recent trip to visit them I remembered how spectacular the landscape was in that park, so my daughter dropped me off to paint while she was at a meeting. I love the hills in Marin county and the Santa Margarita Hills are classic. But I was surprised to see how very green they were after the end of the drought. They had always been pretty brown when I had seen them on previous trips. These hills sure have their own special look. They fascinate me.

On another day I painted this larger image of Mt Tam. This one from the park in Larkspur.  Mt Tam #4, 6x6, watercolor. While I was painting "Mt Tam #4" a ferocious wind came up along with a very black cloud. If I had been in New England I would have run for cover. I watched the other people in the park and they didn't seem alarmed so I continued to paint. My daughter said they never have quick rainstorms in that area like we do. The cloud passed and I left the blue sky in the painting which was how it was when I started.

You can see these paintings and my complete portfolio by clicking on the portfolio link over on the left of this page.

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It's All About The Pots

Finally, the first paintout for Pastel Painters of Maine. Folks were so anxious to get out and paint that the turnout was somewhat of a record. Painters came from NY, Mass, and NH to join us at Black Rock Farm in Kennebunkport, Maine. But this day it turned out to be more of a paint IN than a paint out. The wind was wild, huge gusts. Those who set up outside had quite a time holding onto their easels. Most of us painted in the greenhouses. Here is a small watercolor of the geraniums. Yes, I was in the greenhouse. But it was good to at least be out of the car. And it felt like summer in there. We were happy.  Black Rock Farm is a wonderful place to visit and purchase flowers and exotic plants. And geraniums too. Stop by next time you are in Kennebunkport.

For more information about my paintings be sure to click on the portfolio link over on the left of this page.

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Mt Tamalpais, Marin County, California

Mt Tam 1

I've been very lucky to be visiting my grandchildren (and their parents of course) in California for the last few weeks. It was a fabulous trip and a real vacation: piano lessons, band practice, mini golf, a school play, Grandparents Day,  and even a weekend skiing (them- not me) at Lake Tahoe. Not able to do any  blogging but I did manage to sneak in a few small paintings.

Mt Tamalpais, known locally as Mt Tam, is an overwhelming presence in Marin County. It's a wonderful mountain and I've wanted to paint it for some time now. This trip I had a few chances to do that. On this post I've included 3 tiny watercolors on artist trading cards. I had with me the tiniest watercolor box, one brush, and these 2.5x3.5 cards.  The first and third painting were done behind one of the children's schools while I waited for the school day to finish. There was a wonderful park complete with marsh in front of the mountain view. The first day I was there I encountered a lone male mallard duck. When I returned about a week later (the third painting) there was Mama Duck and 7 very tiny Ducklings taking a swim. So cute. They couldn't have been more than a couple of days old.

Mt. Tam 2. On the weekend I had a chance to paint from near the top of the mountain while the rest of the family took a strenuous walk. The children were fascinated by the little camp stool I was using. I was fascinated by the unusual hill formations and forestation that exists in that part of the world. Very different from New England mountains.Mt Tam 3. Painted from the marsh at Larkspur

I'll post a few more pieces, a little larger, in a few days. That will be it for California paintings til I finish getting ready for upcoming shows (be sure to check the events page to get the details). But I have many, many photos to paint from, including Lake Tahoe, when I have the chance to return to this subject.

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