An Artist's  Journal

Virginia Barn

Yesterday was Day 6 of our roadtrip. We drove back up Rt 17 and 301 from Williamsburg back to Annapolis. Once again I took a lot of photos of the old barns and beautiful houses along the roadside. Going down on Sunday it seemed like the best barns were on the driver's side (hard to photograph). Yesterday it seemed like the best barns were still on the driver's side. Why is that?? It is still amazing to me what a different outcome the drawings have according to the implement that I chose. Here I used the smallest Pitt pen, an XS. I like the lacey effect of this pen. If I added Pitt brush tip color I would loose that look. I could add a watercolor wash but I haven't experimented yet with a wash on the 70 lb paper in this Cachet journal.

Today it is raining but it's better than snow. My husband's lecture at the Maritime Museum was a great success. Over 150 people came to learn more about the War of 1812. We are looking forward to going into Washington tomorrow for another lecture. I hope it stops raining. Here is the drawing in a larger image.

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Virginia Roadside

Today is day 5 of our 35 day roadtrip down the East Coast. We got off to a rocky start, car problems in the first hour of the trip. But we got underway again with only a 4 hour delay and are now in Williamsburg Va. I've been taking lots of pictures but this is the first day I've been able to fit in any drawing. Yesterday we drove down Rt 17 in Virginia along the Rappahanock River. What a beautiful drive. Sure beats I95.  The Virginia countryside is dotted with wonderful barns set in beautiful fields. Of course nothing is growing at this time of year but it is still beautiful country.

 I'm using the Cachet sketchbook for these two drawings. For this sketchbook I purchased some Pitt Pens with brush tips so that I could add some color to the drawings. The paper in the sketchbook is a little too light for a watercolor wash. So this is yet another experiment on how to best use these new pens. You can see from the 2 drawings that they can be used in many different ways.

It's going to take some more experimenting which is the whole idea. Here are the 2 drawings in a larger size.

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Fort Willams Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Another one of these beautiful spring like days in this remarkable winter. We drove out to Fort Williams Park for a walk to clear the cobwebs. We have been working really hard to get ready for our 5 week lecture tour along the East Coast. We are going all the way to Florida. I took a moment to continue with the drawing. This was a very brief sketch in the 5x7 journal with watercolor paper. The lighthouse is Ram Island Light. In the distance you can see the lighthouse at Half Way Rock. It was a very clear day.

When I got home I decided it would be more interesting if I added some color. I was right.

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Valentine Bandit

On Valentine's Day in Portland, Maine someone goes around (the night before) and posts hearts on windows in the business district. When the city wakes up there are red hearts everywhere. This person is called "The Valentine Bandit". There were so many hearts today I think the bandit is like Santa and has lots of helpers. These hearts were posted on the windows of a couple of shops on Munjoy Hill. They are so much fun to enjoy - people leave them up for several days.

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A Sailor's Diary

Last Thursday my husband was giving a lecture at the Naval War College in Newport, RI. I noticed an art exhibit being hung in the room behind the one in which he was talking. After the lecture I went back to see what was there. To my surprise and delight it was a journaling exhibit. Perhaps the ultimate art journaling exhibit ever. The room was not open as the exhibit was still being hung but one of the staff offered to take me on a personal tour with comments. WOW. This exhibit is titled "A Sailors Diary - the Art of George Eisenberg."

The USS LaVallette by George Eisenberg. Courtesy of the Naval War College. This piece was painted on the back of a cancelled chart.

George Eisenberg had graduated from Mass College of Art and then went into the Navy where he served in the Pacific during WWII aboard a combat destroyer, the USS La Vallette. He journaled his experience with paintings and drawings - often on canceled charts - often under fire. The work is incredible. Hard to imagine a more unusual or dangerous plein air experience.

This is an incredible show. It opens to the public on Feb 22 at the Naval War College Museum. You should try and go. George Eisenberg has a website: Visit it for more information.

I never know what I will discover on these trips but often it's something wonderful and unexpected. There are a number of terrific figure drawings of the sailors included in this show that I didn't have the chance to photograph.

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Water Street

 As many of you know for the next several months I will be traveling with my husband on his speaking tour. It is my intention to continue with my journaling project and to post the drawings here on the blog. It's difficult to fit this into a busy travel schedule but I'm going to try. Today we are in Mystic Ct.  We have an off day due to a forecast snow storm. It never happened, here anyway, so we drove over to one of our favorite little Ct seacoast villages, Stonington. Very charming. This is a street scene from the little commercial area. Cute as can be.

I am using a new journal today, Cachet Studio, with only 70 lb paper I will not be able to use watercolor in this journal.

I'm using a S Pitt pen here.


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The Jay Mist

I was at the waterfront the other day and took a few photos of the Casco Bay Ferry Boats. Very difficult drawing. Certainly have a lot to learn, but since this is a learning project I'm posting the not-so -good along with the betters. I started out with the very small nib, but ended up with the brush to make corrections. It made the drawing very heavy. I'll try this scene again someday.

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Gilsland Farm sketch #2

Yesterday I managed to get 2 drawings done. After I left the Falmouth Town Landing I went over to Gilsland Farm. Just a trace amount of snow in the meadow. Artists aren't getting many winter scenes painted this year. I used the 5x7 watercolor journal again for this one and I used the brush nib of my Pitt Pens. I hadn't used the brush tip before. Gives a whole different flavor to the drawing. I'm enjoying experimenting with these Pitt Pens.

Don't forget to check out the portfolio link over on the left of the page. I've got 15 paintings that are "on sale".

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Falmouth Town Landing #2

An absolutely beautiful day to get out and sketch which is exactly what I did. I could have stayed out all day. I first went back to Falmouth Town Landing. I wanted to try that view again in a different type of journal. So this sketch is done in the 5x7 watercolor journal. I think I like this journal better for the pen and ink landscape sketches. I'm still working on getting the birds right.

If you're not watching the Super Bowl click on the portfolio link over on the left and take a look at the paintings that are included in the studio clearance sale.

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February Sale

Autumn Marsh, 8x8, pastel in gold frame. $195

This is a reminder that I have 15 paintings "on sale" on my website.  These paintings need new homes and  I need more wall space in my studio. There are pastels, oils and acrylics included and the prices are really reasonable. If you have a desire to add to your art collection now is a good time. You can see the paintings by clicking on the portfolio link over on the left of this page, then click on the studio clearance sale link that you will see there. You can make a purchase from the website using your credit card or email if you prefer.  If you are lucky enough to live in the Portland, Maine area you can see the paintings in the studio. Just email me before you come.

It's been a rather hectic week and lousy weather. That's my excuse anyway for not getting any drawing done. Hoping to get back to the journal over the weekend.

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